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Great Holiday Rental

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Traveling to Your Holiday Destination


The artistic side and the beautiful places in the country of France has attracted millions of tourist to come and visit their country throughout the year.

Most of the tourists chooses to stay in cottages as their accommodations for their visit instead of staying in a luxurious hotels of the country.

The cottages for this kind of accommodation are referred as gite rentals by the French people; in their translation, it is referred as shelter.

Fit for a weekend rental, gites also offers self catering rental accommodation.


Gite rentals offers facilities that would meet the needs of the tourists as they provide complete food preparation materials and utensils as tourists would be able to prepare their own food during their vacation.

 Some gite owners are providing dishwashers and washing machines to give more comfort to the tourists as they will be able to feel at home and even enjoy gite rentals.

There are many gite owners that do not provide hand and bath towels and even bed sheets thus, double checking everything with the gite owners is important before everything is a little too late.

French tourists are already well aware of this set up but other tourists from other countries usually do not expect to know the issue about providing linens in their accommodation.


There are a lot of French gite owners who speaks English also there are many house rental who are run by English owners.

Having to learn that French gite owners speaks English is a bit of a relief knowing you will not struggle communicating with these people.


Between June to September, a huge number of tourists come and visit France that is why most of the gite rentals only offer weekly rentals to accommodate other tourists. View to read facts about accommodations.

Some gite owners implements the start of rental period and it varies among all other gite accommodations through out France but most of them are Saturday to Saturday only.

The cost of the rental depends on the choice of the tourist, the bigger the space the higher it costs and it normally costs starting from 400 to 600 euros per week.

If you have an extra budget and would prefer the sea breeze, gites at the beaches are also available at a more expensive rate.


There are a wide range of choices when booking for a holiday rental in France, it is your choice to pick for whatever best fit you comfort so choose wisely, accordingly and be mindful of whatever that you need for you to enjoy you vacation.

Before booking you accommodation, make sure that everything is set and provided according to your needs to prevent hassle in your vacation; you may not want to ruin your trip over unprovided linens so might as well bring your own if will not burden you on you travel.